Support Policy Page

  1. 1. Scope of Support:

    • All products, services, or software listed on is covered by the support policy.
    • Our support channels are Whats app Messenger. email, phone and online ticketing system.
  2. 2. Support Hours:

    • The standard support hours during which customers can expect assistance are between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm.

  3. 3. Response Time:

    • The target response time for different types of support inquiries are as follows
    • Urgent - 30 Minutes
    • high-priority - 1 Hour
    • General - 8 Hours
    • These times are based on business hours.

  4. 4. Support Channels:

    • The available channels through which customers can seek support are;

    • A. Online ticketing via customer profile section on website or via Ordaz Cart Mobile Application
    • B. Whatsapp message via 1(876)-771-5755
    • C. Voice Call via 1(876)-771-5755

  5. 5. Issue Resolution:

    • If there is an issue with an order the seller has a maximum of 24 hours to respond to the customer to provide issue resolution, including troubleshooting, analysis, and resolution time frames.
    • The responsibility of the support team is to oversee the process and step in where necessary and the customer's responsibility is to provide the necessary information or access to have the issue fixed.

  6. 6. Escalation Process:

    • If the initial response does not meet the customer's need then the issue can be escalated to Ordaz Cart for a resolution.
    • Escalation is only possible after the buyer have contacted the seller and have not received a resolution within 24 hours.

  7. 7. Exclusions:

    • Classified items are not covered under the support policy.
    • Assistance to install or setup products purchased on Ordaz Cart may require additional fees or fall outside the scope of standard support.

  8. 8. Support Limitations:

    • We do not provide support for third-party software, hardware, or modifications made by the customer.

  9. 9. Warranty:

    • Warranty varies based on the seller's policy and the product being sold by the seller.

  10. 10. Amendments:

    • This support policy is subject to change and updates or revisions will be to customers will be communicated via Email.
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